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Chatuchak Weekend Market | Bangkok

Chatuchak Weekend Market | Bangkok

Hey lovelies! Welcome back to my blog! I hope you enjoyed reading the first two posts of my Bangkok trip!!:-) Today's post is about Chatuchak!

Although the selection of clothes wasn't that fantastic, I did have a wonderful time at Chatuchak! We ate some street food (not a lot, because truth is told, it's quite filling), ate our dinner, tried some fruit juice, and of course, SHOPPPPPED!!!

Address and directions will be listed below if you're interested!

First, we tried the roti! Yes, it's like the one in Singapore, but instead (for the original flavour), they drizzle condensed milk over it and roll it up! It tasted so good and I would get another if I could but the fats:-(

Next, we tried this (we have no idea what it's called, we just pointed to the one we wanted). The exterior is basically a crepe rolled up. For the filling, it's ketchup, mayonnaise, and egg or sausage (your choice). They also add some kind of seasoning on top, which gave the bland egg a lot of flavour!

After walking around some more, we decided to settle down for dinner! This place wasn't fantastic - we ordered pad thai (100 baht - SGD4), but then again, like I said before, once you try the pad thai at Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market, no other pad thai is good enough. It's nice to try a dry pad thai for a change, the flavour was still quite good, but I do prefer the wet kind.


Btw, the bottled water is only 10 baht (SGD0.40)!!!! They sell bottled water here outside cheaper than Singapore's grocery stores (even the cheapest dasani one)?!?!?! 

Anyway, after our dinner, we walked around and started to shop. At first, we tried walking inside because we thought that's where the cheap stuff would be. But after around 20-30 minutes of walking, we realised that it wasn't the case. The inside was narrow, warm and the shops sold more expensive items (or cheap items for a higher price). For example, we found a cap shop somewhere inside that sold all caps for 200 baht (SGD8) wholesale. You're probably thinking, oh yeah that's not bad. But we found another cap shop outside selling the same things for only 100 baht (SGD4)!!!

The outside, however, is spacious, cooling, windy (I was there in the evening so I can't say the same for the afternoon) and the best part: street food!!!!! We found many shops that sold their clothes for only 100-200 baht (SGD4-8) and at the same time, we could try street food! There was the delectable coconut ice cream and mango sticky rice which were sold at pretty low prices! I apologize, I can't remember either of the prices, but both were really yummy!!

As we were exiting, we also bought some freshly squeezed orange juice, which I absolutely love!! The guy sold bigger bottles for 50 baht (SGD2) and smaller bottles for 30 baht (SGD1.20). We drank it on the spot and loved it so much we decided to buy another 2 big bottles to bring home!!! And the nice guy gave us a free small bottle hehe!

This is the 'big' bottle. HAHAHA quotation marks because it actually is pretty small. But I do love the orange juice - it's super refreshing and naturally sweet.

That is all for today's post! I hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences in Bangkok so far! Do stay tuned for more about my adventures! Take care!

Marie xoxo

Address: 587/10 Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900


Take the train to Mo Chit BTS station OR Chatuchak Park MRT station.

The market is only a couple minutes walk away from the station(s) and all you have to do is follow the crowd!

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